5 Top Tips to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner- An Ultimate Buying Guide

5 Top Tips to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner- An Ultimate Buying Guide

Give the pair a commitment ring to symbolise the start of a lifelong adventure together. Your momentous moment can shine even more brightly with the ideal engagement ring. It is a piece of jewellery that stands for enduring love and commitment to one another. Forever treasure and remember the moment, seal the deal with the classic engagement rings. Due to the large variety of ring designs and ring styles, choose the appropriate band can be challenging. When making a purchase, there are several things to take into account, such as the design, the style, and the stone's cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight if you decide to go with a diamond band. This guide can help you navigate through your process of making stellar choices in evocative ring designs for your forever-together partner.

A commitment ring should be a timeless and classic symbol of love that will last forever. So, use this guide to orient yourself to the vast world and start your quest to buy the right ring for your partner. Check out the latest designs of diamond rings online.

Pro Tip 1: Get to Know Your Ring’s Shapes and Cut Styles

Before you start shopping for your engagement ring, you should understand the difference between the shape and cut style of the ring. The shape described outline when viewed face up. There are many classic shapes, including oval, marquise, rectangle, square, and heart but the round shape is the most popular. Choosing the right cut can be a great way to save money. You can check out the glamorous designs available on Shivam Gems and make your final choice. 

The cutting style of the marriage rings can refer to how the diamond’s facets are arranged. The brilliant cut style is one of the most popular because it maximizes the diamond’s brightness. The set cut is another popular style — it has extended and sleek lines that give an elegant and sophisticated sparkle. So, if you want a step-cut style, you should consider going in for color and clarity.

Pro Tip 2: Pick the Metal for the Band

Platinum, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold are common and traditional jewellery metals. Are you seeking for gold rings that are both traditional and modern? Considering that yellow gold has been utilised in jewellery for thousands of years, think about purchasing some. Its rarity, colour, and shiny appearance make it beautiful. When choosing a special finish for engagement bands, rose gold is a magnificent alternative. Its warm, pinkish tone is properly produced by alloying gold with copper and silver. This substance is a stylish metal that goes nicely with any attire.

You can also choose white gold made by alloying pure gold with white metals such as nickel, palladium, and others. It is an elegant and durable choice for marriage rings, as platinum is a highly durable and slightly greyish-white metal. Of course, you can pick your favorite one per your preferences and also think about what stone set you want to consider in your band.


Pro Tip 3: Measure Your Ring Size Correctly

To accurately measure a finger can be a difficult and time-consuming operation. The next crucial piece of advice is to take your ring's size into account. The ring sizer is the most effective tool for this. You can choose from a variety of plastic and metal rings in various sizes. Your jeweller can assist you in finding the ideal fit for you and your spouse by using a ring sizer. Keep in mind that each person's fingers have a different ring size; nonetheless, this method will give you a rough estimate. The majority of rings may be adjusted up or down, which is wonderful news. Diamond rings are simple to resize, and the couple's rings seem better thanks to additional band features. Browse for stylish rings at Shivam Gems  from the comfort of your home.

Pro Tip 4: Consider Side Stones

Your forever-together rings can be dazzlingly adorned with side stones to make them stand out and look more opulent. Some popular options include creating a three-stone ring, adding a halo, a channel, bead-set diamonds down the ring's shank, and featuring your favourite gemstones and birthstones. These give rings taste and variety. In order to match with stones nowadays, you must have the same colour grade. The three-stone ring setting is well-known for the trilogy ring, which stands for friendship, love, and commitment. It gives the personalised touch a romantic undertone. You can also choose a halo setting by adding tiny diamonds around the center stone and on the shank to make them look larger and add more sparkle to the commitment ring.

Pro Tip 5: Clarity Refers to the Impurities

When contemplating engagement rings, always examine the clarity of the gemstones. Impurities and flaws both within and outside of the stone are referred to as clarity. There are no flaws in the stone, which is the highest level of clarity. As you descend the scale, you come to VS1 and VS2, which stand for inclusions that are fine to the unaided eye. To perceive imperfections, you must magnify something ten times. Consequently, a sparkling clear gemstone denotes that it has the highest clarity possible. Additionally, your certificate of authenticity has these specifics.


You can choose the ideal wedding band for you and your partner using the aforementioned advice. Be cautious while purchasing a ring because it is a substantial investment. Finding the ideal ring together can make your partner joyful and the wedding day unforgettable. Now that you know what style best suits you and your spouse, we hope this purchase guide will be helpful. Visit Shivam Gems to purchase gold engagement rings for you and your significant other. Whatever the event, Shivam Gems has the most stylish jewellery hand-picked particularly for you!