Tennis Bracelets - Three Popular Styles This Season

Tennis Bracelets - Three Popular Styles This Season

Tennis bracelets are a classic fashion accessory that can be worn with any look, from casual to dressy. Looking for some glitzy wrist action with your jewelry? So, refreshing your jewelry box with lovely tennis bracelets is a must. And, to assist you in selecting the ideal bracelet style for you, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular styles of tennis bracelets available.

But first, let's learn a little more about this accessory. Do you know what a tennis bracelet means?

Tennis bracelets were originally known as "line diamond bracelets," a term that is still used on occasion today. The tennis bracelet, like many other items of jewelry, has received a name based on a major public event rather than its origins or function.

They evolved into distinct styles over time, now incorporating both diamonds and colourful stones. Furthermore, they are available in a number of various metals. Another advantage of these bracelets is that a single tennis bracelet can be worn alone for an attractive look, or numerous pieces can be combined to form an amazing, contemporary stack.

Three Popular Styles this Season

Think again if you thought all tennis wristbands looked the same. There are numerous bracelet types to choose from, ranging from traditional designs to contemporary motifs and everything in between. The most popular styles this season are as follows:

  • Multiple Rows

Multiple row bracelets as the name suggests are the bracelets which have two or more than two rows. Whenever worn, the entire look is classy enough to make a statement.

  • Station

A station bracelet has stationary gemstones set at regular intervals. It also contains smaller and larger gemstones interspersed amongst the station gems. This design gives the bracelet a distinct appearance.

  • Colored Gems with Gypsy-Set Illusion Diamonds

Want a bracelet with a splash of colour but don't want to forego your favourite diamonds? This tennis bracelet style is ideal for you! In a gipsy setting, these bracelets have multicolor jewels interlaced with dazzling illusion diamonds.

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