Are you unsure whether to wear gold or silver jewellery depending on the colour of your skin or eyes, or if you should buy someone a gift? Have you heard of "rules" to abide by while selecting jewellery colours, but you're unsure of how to put them to use?

What do you think about combining various coloured metals? Is it a fashion statement or a crime?

Wearing gold or silver coloured jewellery has long been a contentious issue, and it can be difficult to know which metal will best suit your needs, your budget, and your sense of style.

Fortunately, we're here to provide you with some fast advice so you can determine which metal colours will suit you (or your gift recipient).

Continue reading to learn more useful jewellery advice, the scoop, and details on various precious metal types.


  • People's skin tones have historically dictated what colour metal to wear: warmer tones indicated gold metal, cooler tones meant silver metal.
  • However, you might still choose to use them as a reference to get started with matching jewellery to fit you and your unique sense of style. These days, that isn't thought to be as crucial, and you can disregard such "style rules" as you please.
  • People with cool skin tones are typically thought to have blue veins on their wrists and to burn readily.
  • Warm-colored people are those who have olive or deeper skin tones, green veins, or who tan easily.
  • When selecting jewellery, it's important to keep in mind that gold is much more expensive than silver because gold is a more precious metal. Gold filled or gold vermeil are less expensive alternatives to pure gold. Find out more about the various varieties of gold.
  • Most people prefer to look nice in rose gold or copper jewellery, which can offer some lovely and unexpected colour to your jewellery collection.
  • Remember that gemstone jewellery can enhance your jewellery collection by adding a variety of colours and sparkle.
  • Keep an eye on the colours your gift recipient typically wears if you're purchasing jewellery as a gift and are unsure of the colour to choose. For some terrific advice, see our guide to gift-giving for the style-challenged.



  • Another outdated fashion guideline stated that silver and gold should never be worn together. You can now mix your metals with enthusiasm, so that is absolutely no longer the case!
  • Select a dominating colour to use as a base, and use a different colour to add highlights. To experiment with different colour combinations, layering necklaces, bangle stacks, and cocktail rings are available.


It should ultimately come down to personal preference, artistic taste, and financial constraints whether you wear silver or gold jewellery. Spend some time experimenting with various metal colours, gemstones, and mixing and matching various jewellery styles and colours to determine what suits you best.

Our main piece of advice is to go with what makes you feel good about yourself since we believe that people should be themselves rather than trying to fit in with everyone else.


Once you've got it worked out, go shopping for silver jewellery, gold jewellery or rose gold jewellery. For more specific types of jewellery we have: gold earrings, gold rings, gold necklaces, silver earrings, silver rings and silver necklaces. I'm sure you'll find something you love made in our precious metals.